Dutch bachelor degree HBO

Would you like to study at TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment after completing your HBO degree? There should be no problem provided you take some extra subjects.

HBO degree programme in Architecture

Students wishing to continue their studies at TU Delft, whose current degree programme is in Architecture, Urbanism or Landscape Architecture must take a pre-defined bundle of subjects: the HBO Bouwkunde Bridging Semester.

The programme will only be given in Dutch.

A different HBO degree

If you possess a degree from a university of applied sciences (HBO) for a subject other than Architecture, Urbanism or Landscape Architecture, the Admissions Advisory Board at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment will determine which extra courses you will need to complete in order to be admitted to the Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences Master's degree programme. Each application will be considered individually.

You can be admitted only after screening has taken place.