HREC Committee, Members and Team

The HREC was established as a committee of the TU Delft Executive Board in 2016. Up until that point the HREC had formed a subcommittee of the University’s Research Integrity Committee. But with the enforcement of the new European Privacy laws starting in 2018, and the University’s increasing body of research involving human subjects, the University took steps to be ready for both developments. The new Committee was approved by the Executive Board and its Regulations on Human Trials were published, in June of 2016.  

Today the HREC Team assesses hundreds of applications from across the University each year. Meanwhile HREC approval is increasingly sought by both funding bodies and journal publishers who are looking for assurances on research ethics, quality and impact.

The HREC Committee comprises the Chair, Vice-Chair and, normally, one representative from each faculty. The Committee is supported by the HREC Secretary and currently by colleagues in Corporate Policy Affairs.