Assessing conservation materials and techniques

Nieuws - 28 maart 2019 - Communication BK

For a successful intervention on cultural heritage buildings, the effectiveness and compatibility of conservation materials and techniques should be assessed prior to application. The new Heritage & Technology Lab has been set up to develop and assess solutions for the conservation of historic buildings.

The materials, methods, and theories tested are relevant for the field practice of building conservation. Research performed in the lab includes the study of damage processes in heritage buildings, such as moisture and salt related problems. Simultaneously, conservation solutions are developed, for example desalination, self-healing mortars, and surface treatments. An example of such research is this research project into reducing salt damage in lime mortars. Research is carried out for and with public and private parties, who are active in the field of conservation and rehabilitation of built cultural heritage.

The available facilities within the Lab can be found here. For more information on the Heritage & Technology Lab, please contact Barbara Lubelli.

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