Funding to help achieve breakthrough in circular and emission-free building

Nieuws - 23 november 2022 - Circular Built Environment Hub

The construction sector faces major challenges. By 2050, the built environment should not only be emission-free, but also circular. Within the NWA programme 'Transition to a circular and emission-free building industry’, the application of the multidisciplinary consortium CirCol has been granted. The project led by Professor Paul Chan will start contributing to this transition task with its research. A total of about EUR 1.4 million has been awarded. 

Circular Collaboration (CirCol) project

How can we develop collaboration within and across life cycles, scales and value chains to achieve circular and emission-free housing renovation? Through action research and joint design of solutions in real-life case studies, CirCol will provide insights on how to create the framework conditions and tackle system blockers, contradictions and mismatch of values.

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The consortium consists of the following knowledge institutions and parties: 
Delft University of Technology; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; University of Utrecht; University of Leiden; Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.
Consortium partners: Municipality of Utrecht; Municipality of Amsterdam; National Renovation Platform; De BouwAcademie Amsterdam (part of the Regional Education Centre of  Amsterdam); Dura Vermeer; Renovatie Midden West; Wits Vastgoedonderhoud Nederland; Parkmanagement Lage Weide; Eigen Haard; AMS institute; ZonNext Sungevity Nederland.