Geomatics Day - Key note by Lars Bodum

Geospatial Technologies and Urban Sustainability

Lars Bodum is an Associate Professor of Planning for Urban Sustainability in the Department of Planning at Aalborg University, Denmark. His work as an educator and researcher is driven by the growing levels of urbanisation and digitalisation, bringing to light how technologies can influence and support the sustainable development and planning of cities.

There are so many technologies available, but a lot of it is not used in a very good way.

Dr. Lars Bodum

For over 30 years, Lars has been deeply engaged with the increasingly interacting worlds of technology and urban planning. Through his research, he has worked with information technologies and geographic information systems in the context of city planning, spanning from the early (1990s) adoption of digital technologies in Danish municipalities to the recent developments of the Smart City concept and its potential to support urban sustainability. Working closely with municipalities and planning technologies, Lars acts as a mediator between planners and the planner’s toolbox, reshaping how digital tools can be used to enable planning for more sustainable cities.