Geomatics Day - Student project 4

Availability of Galileo High Accuracy Services in the Built Environment

The NMCAs (National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies) of European countries have different cadastral survey accuracy standards (European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency, 2019). In order to meet these standards, the appropriate equipment and services should be determined. The augmentation service Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS), that is planned for 2022, will provide high accuracy Precise Point Positioning (PPP) corrections.

(c) ESA - J. Huart

Unlike other high-accuracy services, the Galileo HAS will be free of charge and available worldwide, without the need to be close to a base station or to a dedicated provider network. The PPP corrections will be provided through the Galileo signal as well as through the Internet (EUSPA, 2021). Because of the potential of the Galileo HAS, for the Synthesis Project we want to get insight in the accuracy of the augmentation service. Since a big share of cadastral surveys is performed in the built environment, we also want to determine the accuracy in an urban canyon. With the found accuracy, we can possibly judge whether Galileo HAS is suitable for cadastral surveys in the Netherlands, by comparing the measured accuracy to cadastral survey accuracy standards of the Dutch Kadaster.

This project is commenced and supervised by: Kadaster.