Circular Components in the Built Environment

Buildings consist of many components such as installations, kitchens, bathrooms, window-stills etc. These can be replaced by circular components during maintenance and renovation, leading to a bottom-up implementation of a circular economy in the built environment. 

The goal of the Circular Components in the Built Environment project was to develop the proof of principle for two such circular components: a Circular Kitchen and a Circular Plug-and-play Central Heating Boiler. These proofs of principle are initially targeted at social housing associations and were developed and tested for feasibility, in one year, in an iterative co-creation process with TU Delft, AMS Institute and industry partners.


Programme / funding: TU Delft and AMS Institute 
Role: Lead partner
Project duration: October 2016 - December 2017
Principal researchers: Vincent Gruis, ir. Anne van Stijn, Gerard van Bortel

Project partners

TU Delft, AMS Institute, Bribus keukens, Dirkzwager Groep, AkzoNobel, Remeha, Feenstra, Eigen Haard, Waterweg Wonen

Further information

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