Paul Kalkhoven

Academic year 2018-2019


From September 2018, the faculty welcomes Paul Kalkhoven as visiting professor. Kalkhoven is senior partner and head of technical design at Foster + Partners, and BK alumnus. Kalkhoven joined Foster + Partners in 1985 and has been involved in a variety of transport, care, educational, and cultural projects. Examples of his projects are the passenger terminal at Stansted airport, Commerzbank Headquarters in Frankfurt, and the Circle Hospital in Bath. Currently, he leads the firm’s construction review group and focusses on the challenges of innovation in architectural practice and the realisation of large-scale projects.  

Architectural innovation

During his visiting professorship, Kalkhoven will share his findings and ideas on the complexity of architectural innovation, addressing themes such as new energy, new materials, flexibility, and circularity. He will contribute to the research and design education related to the project AMC Revisited 2020-2050 in Amsterdam/Amstel III, a collaboration with AMS, the city of Amsterdam, and the Chief Government Architect. Within this programme, Kalkhoven will join the master’s course Delft Seminars on Building Technology as a lecturer. Kalkhoven will also be a visiting critic in the bachelor’s course BK6ON6 Gebouw en Techniek and in the master’s graduation studio aE/intecture. Additionally, he will be involved in various workshops and other educational activities.

Commerzbank © Ian Lambot
30 St Mary Axe © Nigel Young / Foster + Partners
Stansted Airport © Dennis Gilbert / VIEW