Timeless Typologies - 'Remodelling Architecture'


The minor Timeless Typologies will focus on studying and modelling historical architectural precedents, covering a known oeuvre or style. The chosen theme will be represented by a series of case study projects, regarded as well-respected in the architectural field. The main goal is for students to understand which historical, spatial and technical values of the architectural precedents can be related to present architectural practice. 

The research will revitalize the historical context. The analysis will be focused though on the architectural design development and technical outcome of the project. This will accumulate in the making of physical models. This is based on the principle that understanding can only be achieved by remodelling and rebuilding. 

For whom?

  • BSc students from TU Delft: BSc programme of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences and Industrial Design. 
  • BSc students from Leiden University and Erasmus University: this minor is open to students from a few specific BSc programmes of Leiden University and Erasmus University. For the exact BSc programmes from Leiden University and Erasmus University with which you can apply for this minor please check minors.tudelft.nl.

What will you learn

At the end of the minor you:

  • have acquired knowledge, insights, and skills in the domains of architectural research, design, analysis, and presentation;
  • have developed abilities in the targeted analysis of design precedents and the effective representation and communication of findings, using various representation techniques, with a focus on physical models;
  • have the ability to work individually and in a team, carrying out research, documenting results, visualizing proposals and bringing these across to a professional audience.

Course overview

The programme consists of two courses with a total of 15 ECs.

  • Architecture - Culture & Understanding: Quarter 2
  • Architecture - Design & Remodelling: Quarter 2

Register for this minor

For registration, please visit minors.tudelft.nl.



Peter Koorstra