Reza Ambardi Pradana


Cities for People -of Tomorrow: New Town for All

Cities for People -of Tomorrow: Promoting urban vitality in the masterplanning process of Ecopark New Town Hanoi, Vietnam

In this graduation project, two opposing ideas are being juxtaposed: Gehl’s (2013) ‘cities for people’ and Le Corbusier’s (1947) ‘the city of tomorrow’. Simply put, the intriguing question is, “how to create cities for people (as Gehl proposed) from scratch (in new town form as Le Corbusier proposed), in the context of Hanoi?” Reacting to the status quo of many Hanoi new towns that are currently failing and on the brink of becoming ghost towns, the main principles are to first understand how the local urban areas performed with spatial analysis i.e., Space Syntax analysis (Depthmap) to then confirm it through on-site observation i.e., Public Life Studies (Gehl Institute). These understanding and observations –rarely being performed in new town masterplanning projects – are then being interpreted and simulated to the design of the new town. The design is then being self-evaluated through the urban vitality factors and masterplanning processes. 

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