Andreea Visan

Public Building


Palac Florenc - A dialogue between technology and the public realm in the urban palace

The project investigates the possibility of integrating new technological processes into the public realm in the city of Prague. This will act as a statement against the legacy of the new industrial capitalism, which has disconnected production, distribution and consumption spaces in the city. The focus is the design of a grocery re-distribution centre as part of a larger network of sub-centres which make use of the shared-economy system and the Internet of Things (IoC)7. This is a response to the growing pressure to find feasible, environmentally friendly solutions for last mile deliveries and to keep up with the current market trends of same-day or 24-hour delivery. It will involve a paradigm shift in the architecture of storage and delivery on the one hand and on the other it will help Prague transition to the status of a Smart City.

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