Hayley E. Bouza

Sustainable Design Graduation Studio

3D printed gypsum model of proposed nature observation structure composed of interlocking reed bundles

Reed Robotics: Advancing Reed-Based Architecture through Circular Digital Fabrication

Common Reed (Phragmites Australis) is an abundantly available, sustainable construction material that is found throughout the world. Reed can be used as structure, insulation and cladding, but is typically used for thatched roofing. The availability of inexpensive imported reed has led to a decline in demand for Dutch reed. This research promotes the use of local reed through the development of a system of discrete components that can be configured to create a variety of structures. The entire production process was considered, from harvesting through to the final biodegradation of the structures. By implementing a digital production chain, labour costs are reduced, and the process is both local and circular. The project questions permanence in architecture through the design of a series of nature observation structures. Designed to last ten to twenty years, these semi-permanent structures allow for future flexibility and ensure preservation of the natural environment.

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