Maurits Olivier van Ardenne

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Eirene - Innovation Centre for Peace and Justice

Towards a Digitised Era

Towards a Digitised Era has resulted in the design of ‘Eirene’, Innovation Centre for Peace and Justice in The Hague. The transformation of the former ministry of foreign affairs, located in the city’s mono-functional Central Business District, offers an architectural approach embedded in the digital world. Eirene engages with six themes to re-establish a human connection with a world confronted by intangible information flows: human awareness, globalisation, democracy, cyber security, mental health and digital representation. To provide an answer to the growing gap between humans and their environment in a digitised era, the architecture focuses on re-activating people’s senses. As a result, the role of the designer in a world overpowered by the increased pace of technological advancements becomes that of a choreographer: to direct and help people cope with the ongoing transition towards a digitised era.

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