Preetika Balasubramanian

Urban Transformations & Sustainability: Planning Complex Cities

Proposed rural energy landscape, Tamil Nadu, India

Geographies of Power-Spatial strategies for a ‘just’ energy transition in Tamil Nadu

The era of energy transition has brought to the fore the incredible potential of designing the reciprocal relationship between energy and space. This spatial dimension of energy transition is the focus of the graduation project in which news ways to study, map and design energy-spaces were explored. Taking the case of Tamil Nadu, India, the project proposes a re-imagining of emerging energy geographies, which continue to operate under extractivist energy systems of the fossil fuel era, supported by a rigid top-down governance system. The proposed regional design for energy transition in Tamil Nadu aims to create a framework for the transformation of energy production landscapes into resilient infrastructural systems while creating conditions for energy justice. The set of spatial strategies for densification of existing energy sites and coproduction of energy with local communities bridges the gap between top down and bottom up initiatives, and paves way for an adaptive, inclusive and collaborative energy transition in Tamil Nadu.

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