Tom van Lint

Complex Projects

Cabins being boarded into the Hyperloop pods

Through the vacuum: a new way of traveling

Throughout history, transportation has always played an important role within society. Our economy would not have been so prosperous if it were not for globalization, and this phenomenon in turn depends for a large part on the ease of transport. Even though there are numerous negative side effects to this globalized economy, a vast part of our life as we know it depends on it. One of the better-known side effects is global warming, a phenomenon the aviation industry is, of course, contributing to. This project tries to find an alternative to aviation at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, while acknowledging the importance of connectivity within modern-day society. It explores the possibility of adding a Hyperloop terminal to the airport alongside the existing modes of transportation. The project is set within the extreme, yet realistic, scenario that Schiphol will keep expanding and will develop its own temporary city character towards 2050.

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