Luuk Hofhuis

Architectural Engineering: Shared Heritage

Kampung Air - The Water Village

Kampung Air is set in the city of Semarang in Indonesia. This city is facing problems due to severe land subsidence. Case study Kampung Melayu, one of the cities’ oldest settlements, has a rich history based on trade and commerce. However, today it is mostly abandoned and no longer functioning.

This project seeks to deal with these problems by creating a new way of living with water. It proposes renewing the existing neighbourhood by introducing an aquaponic system for fish and vegetable production. This circular water system can help with water storage and sanitation, create a new source of income and strengthen the social structure within the neighbourhood. The architecture of the new floating housing blocks, based on the traditional typology of a Chinese shophouse, makes use of the climatic advantages the system provides, resulting in the striking shape of the roof and the green facades.

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