Widasari Yunida Putri

Urban Transformations & Sustainability: Urban Fabric

(Kampung Kemijen) built intervention based on the local adaptive mechanism, empowering

Re-assembling Semarang City - A strategic framework, an exploration of the local adaptive mechanism in urban mitigation planning

Semarang City is flooding & sinking; the sea-level rise and the unstoppable land subsidence is threatening its low-lying coastal areas. The unjust urban development and improper investment on hard infrastructure in the city cannot address these issues, exacerbating the plight of vulnerable groups. The city needs a new approach in long-term multiscale urban mitigation planning with minimal social conflict to solve the environmental issues & to survive climate changes. Despite its cross-scale planning complexity, the local adaptive mechanism shown by the vulnerable groups provides opportunities for addressing the city’s problem.

This project tries to utilize the local adaptive mechanism as a strategy in urban mitigation planning for the vulnerable coastal areas. The built intervention focuses on balancing soft & hard approaches, emphasizing the socio-ecological urban resilience principles, and aims to improve people’s well-being by tackling the water issues of the focus area in the vulnerable coastal kampung, Kemijen.

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