Mingyu Kim

Heritage & Architecture

Curiosity of Heritage Park 2.0 as an Urban Theater

Heritage Park 2.0: Public Park and Square for Social Sustainability

On 31 December 2015, Vroom & Dreesmann(V&D), the largest Dutch department store chain, was declared bankrupt. Every medium-to-large city in Netherlands had a V&D in its city centre, so that a lot of Dutch have memories related to V&D. Unfortunately, the V&Ds that used to attract people are now abandoned, blocking city flow. The project ‘Heritage Park 2.0’ is an experiment to find & design space typology of V&D to return this place to the public. Three typologies are designed - ‘Openness, Sequence, Flexibility’ - through analysing V&D in Dordrecht. These typologies are designed not only to reflect the characteristics of V&D, but also to bring public together. Three unique typologies are also tested in V&D of different cities. This project also suggests thoughts about the next step for using typology in the future. After all, time goes on and people change, but space will always stay.