Sorawit Pattarasumunt

Graduation lab Urbanism

The Convergence of Connector and Node

From Sprawl to Compact Primary City: The application of Transit-Oriented Development and resurrection of water transport to enable livable and socially diverse environments in Bangkok

Today, Bangkok is confronting the urban sprawl led by the advent of car mobility. The shift from water-based to land-based development contributed to the disregarded water system, becoming a home to the impoverished, exacerbating the flooding issue and ultimately causing social segregation and unliveable environments. To tackle these issues, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and Compact City were introduced in the readjustment of land-use plan and the development of metro systems. Predominantly applied in the Global North, these concepts need to be comprehensively studied for contextual adaptation in Bangkok. This project seeks the development potentialities and proposes potential canals for waterborne transport and TOD locations on the macro scale. Four layers of strategy are put forward and translated into patterns and applied at the pilot project. In realisation, the project suggests a public participatory planning system to ensure the inclusive and efficient implementation, aiming to achieve liveable and socially diverse environments.