Yasmijn Quandt

Architectural Engineering

Nature inclusive residential development on Aruba

Back to the roots: Rethinking Aruba's residential building standard

In light of the current environmental crisis, we are faced with the responsibility to drastically change our anthropogenic impact.

We humans often view ourselves as superior to nature. We have developed a dualistic view of our existence on this planet – one that blinds us to our interconnectedness with the environment. 

We must shift the way we relate to the Earth and understand that it is a single living organism that is inextricably interconnected. We must place value and importance on the entire environment and all life in it, not just the parts that are useful for humans.

In ‘Back to the roots’, the residential building standard in Aruba is reconsidered according to this ecocentric philosophy. The design proposal introduces a nature-inclusive urban development strategy, a passive, climate-responsive housing typology with locally harvested materials, and floorplans based on participatory design to easily customize, evolve and adapt to changing cycles of use and facilitate a circular way of building.