Laura Strähle and Ellen Rouwendal

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Design & Build: From Landscape to Roofscape

A pilot pavilion design for multifunctional public use in East-Africa.

Design & Build as an interdisciplinary challenge! The combination of design research and architectural composition triggered the project to grow beyond a theoretic level. Next to the design for a prototypical pavilion structure for the rural communicability around Lake Victoria (East-Africa), the project focused on the realization phase following the graduation project. 

Hence the two co-working students’s responsibility lay within the research of building techniques, cultural and construction patterns resulting in the reinterpretation of traditional patterns of inhabitation and the design for a community centre in Okana (Kenya). 

Next to it, managing the follow-up construction phase, acquisition of funding and having the final project leadership on site forms part of the challenge to explore the potential of a Design & Build-approach on an academic level.