Jules Gallissian



Architecture as tool for urbanization

This project proposes to adress the infrastructure of mobility as a tool for urbanization in the context of Addis Abeba. It seeks to establish synergies between the market-driven densification and the inner-city slum upgrading processes by introducing a new evolutive figure, possible generator of an inclusive urbanity. Therefore the project aims to act as a mediator between two speeds (immanent / transient), two scales (territorial / local) and two axis (longitudinal / transversal).
As the Ethiopian capital, many African cities are subject to a massive economical and demographical growth challenging the existing urban condition. The infrastructure of mobility is a key element in the modernization process and thus needs to be reconsidered. By proposing an alternative way of thinking, this project questions the integration and place of such a fundamental figure within these cities, but also in our western context.

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