Julia Hegenwald

Architecture of the Interior

The Place of Work

The project for a redesign of an existing building in The Hague deals with the future of the workplace, the environment and its relation to the city. The renovated building will house two dutch Ministries and municipal services. To involve the citizens of The Hague with their government, public functions were included, such as counseling services, a gallery exhibiting the ministerial collection, auditoriums and free work zones.  A big collective space on the ground floor serves as a covered entrance plaza, passageway, market square and meeting spot at the same time.

The project reimagines the representative and governmental functions through the architecture of the building, and improves the experience of the office workers with the space. The traditional workspace was redeveloped into well functioning work environment for the civil servants. This part of the project was approached on small scale with attention given to the materiality and usability of the space.

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