Laura Linsi


Composite Countryside: A Shed for Production

This project situated in Võrumaa, Estonia, focuses itself on the countryside. A ruin is designed to serve a contemporary locality. 

Dualities such as individual/collective, private/public, strategic/scenic become less rigid in the countryside. Oppositions are softened by fluid spatial, seasonal and social dynamics that are collectively understood. Processes and activities, rather than stable scenes define the landscape. Design, thus, assumes the role of an open-ended strategy. The task is to set up future conditions, restore and prepare the site for unforeseeable futures.

Inspiration comes from a building typology familiar to the countryside - the shed. In this project, the shed-typology is translated into a larger scale so that it can accommodate modes of production too big to fit a homestead: a wood workshop, a linen factory, a distillery. Eventually the consolidated ruin within the shed will outlast its protective but ephemeral cover. The structure as found allows itself to be rethought again.

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