Maarten van der Burg

Heritage & Architecture

Transforming cultural heritage in the heart of Amsterdam

We should not try to predict what will happen, we should try to prepare for that what cannot be foreseen.

Previous analyses have shown that buildings usually surpass their function. This perspective is taken to account in the current renovation project, as the concerning building has previously outlived its function and is at risk for repetition of this process. Therefore, the current design focuses on providing facilities for a cluster of functions rather than a single purpose.

The project represents a functionless building that enables both the structure and user to adapt to future changes. Hereby, the building determines the adaptability, relative to the lifespan of the elements. Incorporating the strengths of the context, the permanent elements and overlapping functions in the open field have been positioned by a combination of strategies and design approaches. The design has combined these essential characteristics with a high diversity in spacing and atmosphere deriving from the context, resulting in a building that is adjustable to its users and visa versa.

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