Meinou van der Kooi

Heritage & Architecture

La Vision Verte

Paris, one of the most dense cities of Europe keeps on growing. The North-East of Paris, once the industrial heart of the city, has to make place for living and recreation. Times of industrial prosperity and the recent growth of motorized vehicles have affected the environment heavily. Paris has to invest in a cleaner future to keep itself healthy. Once this former warehouse was a place for exchanging goods. In this project it is transformed in an innovative business premises with incorporated visitor information centre.

Aesthetical and technical interventions serve to foster, create and expose greener ideas and ensure the participation of the inhabitants on multiple levels. Showing its roots, the building will lead by example to show the transformation to a greener city with preservation of the past. La Vision Verte connects the building with its environment, past with future, government with inhabitants, research with business and the people with their future healthy city.

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