Roland Anton Drieënhuizen


The New Urban Community

The New Urban Community is a statement, challenging the way we currently dwell and what a dwelling should offer while existing in an increasingly densified Dutch urban context. The design challenges the border and relation between the; private, semi-public and public space, to stimulate a community driven neighborhood. Thereby strengthen the appearance of the “fragile” semi-public space, through its close relation with the dwelling and integration within the urban ensemble.
The two presented dwelling typologies are projected on Amsterdam Canal District’s Groenmarktkade, and are focused on; the shared functionality of the circulation/communal space, spatial flexibility and usage of the city and neighbourhood as extendable space, to compensate for the dwelling’s small footprint. Showing that in densified urban areas, we should no longer design in the terms of function or space, without considering its time-based usage, and the possibility to share space besides the core functions; cooking, resting and washing.

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