IDE researchers inspire at Delft Global Student Club kick-off

News - 10 March 2022 - Communication

On 8 March, the TU Delft | Delft Global Student Club celebrated its official kicked off. The event, hosted at The Green Village's Co-Creation Centre, featured TU Delft Vice-Rector Magnificus Rob Mudde as an opening speaker, followed by presentations from TU Delft researchers and students working on global development projects. Each speaker shared inspiring impact stories focussed on the Global South.

IDE was represented at this event by PhD researcher Karl Heinz Tondo Samenjo, alumnus Jerry de Vos, and 3MEE/IDE PhD researcher Prosper Oyibo.

IDE PhD researcher and TU Delft | Global Initiative fellow, Karl Heinz Tondo Samenjo, spoke to attendees about universal access to medical devices. He touched upon various IDE projects that are centred around this topic, including the Schistoscope, Excelscope, and Chloe, and how students can get involved in these kinds of impactful projects.

IDE alumnus and recipient of the James Dyson Award 2021 Sustainability Prize, Jerry de Vos, presented his Plastic Scanner to attendees. His innovative and creative design showcased what designers can do to take action against society's pressing sustainability issues – this was surely an inspiring message for TU Delft’s budding designers and engineers.

In addition to the presentations, there was a physical prototype market where participants could explore and discuss sustainable solutions with members of the TU Delft | Global Initiative community. 3MEE and IDE PhD researcher Prosper Oyibo took part in this market, showing off prototypes such as the Eduscope and Schistoscope.

About the Delft Global Student Club and the TU Delft | Global Initiative

The TU Delft | Global Initiative is an ever-growing community of researchers and partners (local universities, companies, government, NGOs, and start-ups). However, there is still a gap between students and researchers for collaboration and expansion of the community. The Delft Global Student Club, established in 2021, aims to be the bridge between the TU Delft | Global Initiative research community and TU Delft students.

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