Delft University Fund awards € 50,000 to ambitious student projects

News - 13 June 2023

Twice a year ambitious students can submit an application to Delft University Fund to receive funding for an innovative project. The project must make a positive contribution to society and often revolves around a new technology or adapted application of an existing technology. Recently, Delft University Fund positively reviewed the applications of four ambitious projects and awarded a total amount of €50,000.

“Especially as a student, it is important to have the opportunity to try things out, to put ideas into practice, to achieve success and to be able to make mistakes,” says Jasper Peterich, Director of Delft University Fund.

Through FAST ((Funding Ambitious Students TU Delft), Delft University Fund has already supported hundreds of ambitious students since 2019. The fund is able to do this thanks to donations from alumni, Good Friends and via the Ir. Michael H. Wisbrun Fund. The projects are assessed by the Executive Grant Committee (EGC), consisting of professors and lecturers from all faculties. The best ideas will be awarded funding up to €15,000. The students will also receive guidance in the implementation of their project.

The following four projects were positively assessed based on the criteria innovation, impact, feasibility, budget and personal development and received a contribution from Delft University Fund:

1. DeltaV

€ 15.000 granted

With the development of a new technology, the DeltaV student team of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering wants to make rocket engines more efficient. By using porous materials, the cooling of essential components in the rocket engine can be improved. Ultimately, the students want to make an important contribution to the use of more sustainable fuels in aerospace.

The DeltaV team is working on a prototype rocket motor with higher efficiency.

We are extremely pleased with the contribution of Delft University Fund to our plan to develop more sustainable propulsion systems for rocket engines.

2. Building emergence

€ 5.000 granted

This multidisciplinary group of students wants to create a platform where art and technology come together. By collaborating with art institutions and participating in art and technology festivals, they want to make their audience aware of the impact of digitization on our society through augmented reality. With the contribution from Delft University Fund, the students wants to work on new digital art forms. In a first exhibition, infrared projectors will be used to show how our physical and digital lives are intertwined. The EGC appreciated the vision and enthusiasm of this team and is looking forward to the first results.

3. Alpha Insulation

€ 15.000 granted

There are various insulation materials on the market for making older homes more sustainable. This group of students from the Faculty of Architecture wants to introduce a new insulation material that, thanks to innovative applications such as air chambers, is extremely suitable for damping noise and keeping heat inside. With the grant, the group of students can test the product on a larger scale. The EGC was impressed with both the presentation and the product and appreciated that the applicants were open about the potential challenges.

Demonstration of the newly developed insulation material during the EGC meeting.

4. Panestry

€ 15.000 granted

Green roofs have been successfully used in the built environment to mitigate climate change. Casper van Tilburg, Thijs Kalkhoven and Noelle van Kouwen studying at the Faculty of Architecture are working on the development of a roof tile on which mosses can grow. For example, houses with sloping roofs can also be used to make the city greener. The roof tiles with moss provide insulation, better drainage and a reduction of the 'urban-heat island effect'. The team has developed a number of prototypes and is working with a party to have the custom roof tiles produced.

The team behind the green roof tile, with grooves on which moss can adhere.

With the contribution from Delft University Fund, we can, among other things, test which mosses adhere best and can be used for our application.

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