Board of Studies

The Board of Studies (BoS) is an independent board within the Faculty of Architecture, which advises on the quality of education. The BoS is presented with all proposed decisions on education for advice. The BoS can also give unsolicited advice. Since 1 September 2017, the board has also become an employee participation body. This means that with regard to a number of topics, the BoS has the right of consent if changes are proposed.

The BoS has defined a number of characteristics for a university study in general and for Architecture in particular. In short, these mean:

  • knowledge multiplication
    the student comes to learn, the researcher develops knowledge further, on a personal and social level; innovation and rethinking play a major role
  • breadth and depth
    the Bachelor covers a wide range, the Master explores in depth
  • the connection between design and research
    designing takes place on the basis of insight and knowledge from research and research takes place partly on the basis of designs
  • the integral character of design
    central is "design in studio", where everything comes together, knowledge and skills are integrated and applied
  • conceptual thinking
    the concept is a statement, it creates unity, it makes a design strong and expressive and implies a number of rules for design
  • social pluriformity
    different views and opinions exist within the discipline, naming them creates clarity for a student to determine his place
  • sustainability
    the consequences of our way of living together require more sustainable actions and solutions if we want to continue to exist in a high-quality manner in the long term.

When can students contact the Board of Studies?

Students can contact the BoS whenever they have input regarding education at our faculty. This can be done by sending an email to or approaching the one of the chairs. If necessary, the topic in question can be discussed in an BoS meeting.

Programme Board of Studies composition and meetings

The Board of Studies includes 7 lecturers and 7 student members. There are two chairs: a lecturer-chair and a student-chair. The members are an informal cross-section of the Faculty of Architecture. The BoS meets every two weeks.

Peter de Jong, acting Chair

Christien Janssen

Rene v.d. Velde

Luisa Calabrese

Heidi Sohn

Jorge Meija Hernandez

Sophie Kruijf (student-voorzitter)

Bodil Bary (FSC)

Isabel de Bruijn

Kirthan Shekar 

Regina Klinger

Tov Frencken

Feras Alsaggaf

Chiara Thunnissen

Geomatics Board of Studies

Hugo Ledoux (chairperson staff)
Martijn Meijers
Azarakhsh Rafiee
Clara Garcia Sanchez

Oliver Post
Dimitris Mantas (student chairperson)
Hyeji Joh
Zhuoyue Wang