There are special circumstances that can affect your study progress. Examples of circumstances are illness, an accident, psychological problems, care tasks, an unpleasant home situation or an unpleasant experience. Circumstances of a friend or family member can also influence you, as well as elite sports, working in a board or pregnancy can also influence your study progress. Even when you worry about fellow students, you can contact an academic counsellor.

It is important that students contact their academic counsellor about their special circumstances sooner rather than later (advice is within 4 weeks), so as to avoid any study delay. The academic counsellor will treat your problem confidentially and will do their best to find a suitable solution within the study programme or adjust the study planning. TU Delft has certain rules and regulations regarding educational programmes. Whenever a student makes changes or additions to the regular study programme and contents, it is advised they contact the academic counsellor for help, for instance with the application procedure to the Board of Examiners, or in the case of BSA and RPF.

More information about studying with a disability can be found at Horizon, the desk for studying with a disability or extra support question

Individual contact with:

Doubt your choice of study

Firstly, we advise you to make an appointment with the study advisor so that he or she is aware of the situation. In addition, you can already register for the study (re) choice workshop, or request individual counseling from the study choice advisors. More information.