Support and Tips

An overview of professionals with whom you can get in touch with for support during studies.
First point of contact for assistance, information and support on studying and study related issues.
You can be redirected to a student counsellor by your academic counsellor.
For short-term treatment of and guidance during (psychological) problems which hinder your studying.
For support and advice when facing undesired behaviour or inequal treatment during your study programme.
For mediation as independent party during the handling of a complaint.
Support in career choices and preparing for the job market.
Help in making the correct study choice.
Coaching in combining of elite sports and study.

Coaching by a life coach and personal support.
You are worried about a fellow student. What now?
What is it and what can you do if you experience such behaviour?


We have collected some tips to support you and to help you to study at home.

Tools and activities

Find an overview of tools and activities that can be of help during your studies below.
Are you ready to exhale in our social livingroom, our creative studio or our mindfulness studio? Come to Exhale at X.
The e-health tool is an online tool where you can start improving your mental well-being in a free, simple and anonymous way.
Workshops and training courses on studying effectively, getting personal support, programme choice and careers.
Are there personal problems that make you feel uncomfortable? On Tuesday evenings, Boost focuses on mental well-being. One of the counsellors will gladly answer any questions you may have about these or other issues.
Workshops and training courses on studying effectively, getting personal support, programme choice and careers.
Information about a specific disability and the measures and facilities that can be used to prevent/remedy problems.
Get in touch with other students with a disability and/or chronical disease.
Find out about facilities that are in place to help you when studying as a parent or while pregnant.
Are you looking for a study buddy? A study buddy can help you study. Or do you want to help fellow students yourself?



How to deal with...

How do you deal with setbacks, fear of failure, stress and/or procrastination? And what can help you in this situation? Sometimes things do not go the way you wanted or hoped. This can be difficult. It helps to talk about it with others and you will find out that you are not the only one.
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Fear of Failure




Fear of Failure



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UNLOCKING… Students of TU Delft

How do your fellow students experience studying at TU Delft? What are their goals, motivations and ambitions? And what do they do if things aren’t going well or different than expected? What lessons have they learned so far?

Being a student is more than studying.

In this series of interviews students from different faculties share their personal story about studying at TU Delft in front of the camera.

Topics that are discussed are for example the choice of study, ways of studying, motivation, saying no, dealing with stress, asking for help, working together, ambition and how to combine all this with a social life besides the study.

UNLOCKING… Students of TU Delft is a series by and for students, originally initiated by the ‘Study Climate’ programme of TU Delft.

ME - Episode 1: Rutger and Veerle

TPM - Episode 1: Aditi and Christos

UNLOCKING… Educators of TU Delft!

Do you know your educators well? What drives them? What is their vision on learning, self-development and well-being? And what lessons have they learned so far? 

In this series of interviews, TU Delft’s educators share their personal stories with you: from the dreams they once had to their hobbies and passions, and the hurdles they’ve encountered. Get inspired, and get to know the person behind the screen! 

You can find all previous episodes of UNLOCKING... Educators of TU Delft here.

Episode 1: Rob Mudde

Aflevering 1: Rob Mudde

Episode 2: Annoesjka Cabo