Marta Pita Vidal

Marta is a very pleasant person: always cheerful and with a positive attitude. In addition to her stellar academic performance, she was very active in all kinds of social and organisational activities.

Graduation committee - L.P. Kouwenhoven, dr. Angela Kou

Researchers at QuTech are developing the elementary units used to store and process information in a quantum computer, which are called qubits. Marta worked on a hybrid fluxonium, a type of qubit based on the combination of two research fields: circuit quantum electrodynamics and topological condensed matter. The former explores the physics of superconducting quantum circuits patterned on a microchip, while the latter investigates nanostructures with exotic physical properties. A hybrid fluxonium combines the best of each of these disciplines and has excellent properties both as a qubit for quantum computation and as a tool to explore fundamental quantum phenomena in nanomaterials.