BK Talks: A ticket to your future?

The role of design competitions

17 februari 2022 18:00 t/m 20:00 - Locatie: OOSTSERRE & ONLINE - Door: Communication BK

On 17 February, the BK Talks 'A ticket to your future? The role of design competitions' will take place.

For centuries, competitions have undoubtedly pushed the boundaries of design. Winning entries (built or unbuilt), runner-ups or honourable mentions have encouraged individuals to think beyond the possible, and have helped move design professions forward.

This edition of BK Talks aims to look at the state of design competitions today, and will be celebrated on the opening day of the Archiprix 2022 Exhibition at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

We will address the importance of student work prizes and their impact in the shaping of students’ future careers. Also, we will extend the conversation to competitions for professionals in the design fields.

What are the design issues that competitions are concerned with? Do they address or -moreover- modify societal, cultural, political or territorial aspects? Some new competition formats have been implemented without the intention of producing a new building, urban plan or landscape, but rather with the aim of calling attention towards certain pressing issues. How have competitions changed throughout history and for what reason?

We also want look at the impact of competitions in the transformation of design representation, as well as the changes triggered by competitions in the status and the role of the designer in the fabrication of the built environment.

The questions above are just a few examples of what the conversation could be about. ‘A ticket to your future?’ is an invitation to design students, professionals and decision makers to share a lot more what’s, why’s and how’s about careers that are -or are not- determined by the result of a competition.        

Practical information

This BK Talks will be streamed live from the Oostserre and can be followed via this link. A limited number of people can attend the BK Talks in the Oostserre.