BK Talks: Disseminate

Present and future of editorial practice

10 maart 2022 18:00 t/m 20:00 - Locatie: OOSTSERRE & ONLINE - Door: Communication BK | Zet in mijn agenda

On 10 March, the BK Talks 'Disseminate: Present and future of editorial practice' will take place.

This BK Talks will discuss the present and future of editorial practices in design, bringing to the table a group of renowned professionals from the publishing world.

In the realm of design journals and publications, the current pandemic seems to have just accelerated the ongoing shift towards a more networked approach to the profession.  In this context, publishers, editors and critics have had to rethink their position, realising that traditional ideas of “dissemination” do not always correspond to ways in which we currently gather information.

On the one hand, the rise of more decentralised ways of publishing gave prominence to popular online platforms, where designers are able to upload their own content. However, this format can also result in an indirect manipulation by other interests beyond design.

While adapting to a present where we can easily search for new designs on the web, some widely-read publications have been prioritising alternative content: more politically engaged, multi-disciplinary and discursive. While strongly contributing to opening up architectural discourse in profound ways, this is also an approach that might fail to deliver clear messages and ideas on the subject of design, especially to the general public.

Is it significant to disseminate architectural knowledge and criticism to a mainstream public? If so, are we disseminating criticism throughout the right channels? How will the current transformations in the production and reception of information affect the format, as well as the content, of design publications?

Moderator: Alessandro Rognoni
Panelists: Merel Pit, Mark Minkjan, Carlo Menon, Enrique Encabo, Andrej Radman
Video featurettes: Iker Gil, Nuria Moliner, Ethel Baraona Pohl, Ilka Ruby


Tuyen Le
Editor at BNieuws and Student of MSc Architecture, TU Delft

Tuyen Le is a master’s student in Architecture at TU Delft and an editor at Bnieuws. Her way of design lies in the crossover between architecture and graphic design, and how this collaborative relationship can help bring architectural design closer to the general user. With a Vietnamese upbringing and influences from studying in the U.S., her reading and writing interests are in design archaeology, decolonisation, and post-irony culture.

Alessandro Rognoni
Editor at BNieuws and Student of MSc Architecture, TU Delft

Alessandro Rognoni is an architecture student from Italy, undergoing his master degree at TU Delft. He is currently part of the editor’s team behind Bnieuws, the independent and student-led periodical of the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. He enjoys writing, especially about the production of images, to him the key to understand the bizarreness of our environment.


Enrique Encabo
Associate Lecturer at ETSAMadrid-UPM

Enrique Encabo (Madrid, 1975) is a PhD architect and Associate Lecturer at ETSAMadrid-UPM. Since 2006, he works with Inmaculada Maluenda as independent critics & editors. They write in periodicals, such as El Cultural (since 2012, with more than 120 texts and interviews) and specialized magazines, such as El Croquis, Domus, Arquitectura Viva or L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui. They have recently published a short compilation of writings, Obras de No Ficción (Barcelona: Puente, 2020) and an English-Language monograph on the work of one of the Spanish masters of the 20th century, Julio Cano Lasso. Natures (Madrid: Minister for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, 2021). Nowadays, they are also conducting a podcast on contemporary cities: Después de todo, la ciudad (The City, After All).

Carlo Menon
Co-founder and editor of Accatone Magazine

Carlo Menon (Italy, 1981) is an architect and a researcher in history and theory, with degrees from La Cambre, Brussels (2006) and The Bartlett, London (2013). His collaborative practice, mostly with partner Sophie Dars, interweaves architectural thinking with publications, exhibitions and education. In particular, he has developed writing and editorial skills, whose outputs mostly appear in the magazine Accattone, which they co-founded. At The Bartlett, he is completing a PhD on the recent wave of little magazines. He teaches architecture design studio at La Cambre Horta Faculty of Architecture, ULB Brussels, and representation at the MA Civic Design, PBSA DĂĽsseldorf.

Mark Minkjan
Editor-in-Chief of Failed Architecture

Mark Minkjan (1986) is an urban and architectural geographer. He is Editor-in-Chief at Failed Architecture and produces the Failed Architecture Podcast. He has written for numerous publications including VICE, The Guardian and The Architectural Review. In 2016, Mark received a talent grant from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund to develop new forms of architecture criticism. He received the Geert Bekaert Award for architecture criticism in 2017 and currently teaches at Amsterdam’s Academy of Architecture and Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Within Non-fiction, Mark has worked on exhibitions, programmes, editorial content, research and more.

Merel Pit
Editor-in-Chief of De Architect

Merel Pit (1981) has been editor-in-chief of De Architect since January 2021, which was where she started her career as a professional editor in architectural journalism. In 2008 she graduated cum laude as an architect from Eindhoven University of Technology, but she has never worked as such. She has worked as a marketing and business developer at Kraaijvanger Architects and in 2016 she founded her own company Architectural Stories for making magazines, publications, (short) documentaries, vlogs, podcasts, interviews and articles. In 2019 she launched her own online architecture magazine A.ZINE, culminating in the print edition Mrs. De Architect. She also enjoyed teaching as a guest lecturer at TU Delft and the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture.

Andrej Radman
Assistant Professor of Architecture at TU Delft

Andrej Radman has been teaching design and theory courses at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture since 2004. A graduate of the Zagreb School of Architecture in Croatia, he is a licensed architect and recipient of the Croatian Architects Association Annual Award for Housing Architecture in 2002. Radman received his master’s and doctoral degrees from TU Delft and joined the Architecture Philosophy and Theory Group as assistant professor in 2008. He is an editor of the peer-reviewed journal for architecture theory Footprint. His research focuses on new-materialist ecologies and radical empiricism. Radman’s latest publication is Ecologies of Architecture: Essays on Territorialisation (EUP, 2021). Andrej’s interest in the theme stems from his experience as a long-term editor of Footprint. What he would like to contribute to the discussion on dissemination (of knowledge) is the problem of attention (and lack thereof).

Video featurettes

Iker Gil
Founder of MAS Studio and Editor-in-Chief of MAS Context

Iker Gil is the founder of MAS Studio, Editor in Chief of the nonprofit MAS Context, and Executive Director of the SOM Foundation. Gil has edited or coedited several books including Radical Logic: On the Work of Ensamble Studio and Shanghai Transforming. He has curated multiple exhibitions including Nocturnal Landscapes, Poured Architecture: Sergio Prego on Miguel Fisac, and BOLD: Alternative Scenarios for Chicago. He was cocurator of Exhibit Columbus 2020–2021 and Associate Curator of the US Pavilion for the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. He has taught at SAIC, UIC, and IIT.

NĂşria Moliner
Collaborator at Punts de vista, a Radiotelevisión Española TV Show

NĂşria Moliner (Barcelona, 1991) is an architect, researcher, communicator and musician. She works in the dissemination of architectural culture and researches on social and environmental ethics in architecture, urban planning and design. She is currently a TV host, content advisor and scriptwriter at Escala Humana, the architecture documentary series in TVE, awarded by the Spanish Architecture Biennial. She is also a collaborator in the cultural TV show Punts de vista TVE, curator of the Barcelona Thought Biennial, member of the advisory council for the Superilla Barcelona urban plan and professor at the architecture school ETSAB (UPC). Moliner has collaborated with entities such as Barcelona Culture Institute, Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of Spain, CoNCA, FundaciĂł Mies van der Rohe, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia IAAC, FAD, Storefront for Art and Architecture NYC, URBANBATfest, Intermediae Matadero Madrid or Picasso Museum Malaga. She participates in festivals, conferences and cultural events as a curator, host and speaker, communicates in audiovisual media and writes articles for the press and publications.

Ethel Baraona Pohl
Co-founder of dpr-barcelona

Ethel Baraona Pohl. Critic, writer and curator. Co-founder of the independent research studio and publishing house dpr-barcelona, which operates in the fields of architecture, political theory and the social milieu. Her curatorial practice includes, among others, Adhocracy ATHENS (together with CĂ©sar Reyes and Pelin Tan for the Onassis Cultural Centre, 2015), winner of the ADI Culture Award 2016; and more recently, Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales (Matadero Madrid, 2020-21). Her writing has been widely published, both in academic and independent publications.

Ilka Ruby
Co-founder of Ruby Press

Ilka Ruby is a Berlin-based curator, author, and publisher. She is co-founder of Ruby Press, a publishing house focusing on architecture and the city that has won numerous awards for publications such as Reasons for Walling a House (2012), Building Brazil (2011), City of God - Cidade de Deus! (2013), Architecture Reading Aid Ahmedabad (2015), Housing Cairo (2016), 51N4E Skanderbeg Square Tirana (2017), Atlas of the Copenhagens (2018), and Migrant Marseille (2020). Consciously overriding the stereotypical formulas of the text-only theory book as well as the all-image portfolio, the books of Ruby Press aim to make the theoretical discourse of architecture sensual.

Practical information

This BK Talks will be streamed live from the Oostserre and can be followed via this link.