Conferentie: CA2RE

Collective Evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Training

28 maart 2022 09:00 t/m 01 april 2022 20:00 - Locatie: Berlagezalen en Zaal K - Door: Communication BK | Zet in mijn agenda

CA²RE+ Delft event addresses the topic of recommendation. The conference builds on the topics observation and sharing (strategies), comparison and reflection (experiences), and reformulation explored at the previous CA2RE+ conferences.

CA²RE+ develops a collective learning environment through Evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Training. Design Driven Research (DDr) is taken as a multidisciplinary example of an experiential learning-through-evaluation model, appropriate for identification and promoting relevance of research singularity, its transparency and recognition, to award excellence in doctoral training for creative and culturally rooted solutions of contemporary design-driven developments.

Reformulation and recommendation are together the third phase of the project (framework). Looking back at the various themes, experiences, discussions and questions that came about during the CA²RE+ project, Delft’s event will scrutinize the results achieved so far, striving to draw up guidelines and recommendations for the establishment, introduction, development and evaluation of Design-Driven Doctorate research (DDDr). Building upon the findings of the CA²RE+ network, and upon the experience gained at the partner universities by tutors and doctoral candidates involved in DDDr during the project, Delft’s conference intends to provide a significant contribution for setting out an extended DDDr recommendation framework for all involved interlocutors. In the first place for doctoral candidates, mapping out context and outlook in which their DDDr is and will take place. For tutors and supervisors, charting suggestions and guidelines to guide and coach DDDr candidates. Finally, for responsible heads of programs and decision-makers at universities and administrative bodies, indicating principles and conditions for introducing, implementing and evaluating DDDr.

The focus in Delft will be on which approaches, tools, techniques, methods, testbeds and principles are established and can be recognized as common ground across the CA²RE+ institutions. In which ways DDDr can be distinguished from other doctoral research practices? Can the diversity in DDDr be made consistent in a common frame? Where do we see resemblances and overlaps to other disciplines and research practices? Keeping the emphasis on the doctoral candidates’ lessons learned and the views within the DDDr CA2RE+ community, the outcomes of the CA2RE+ Delft will lay the ground for the drafting of the Charter of Recommendations for DDDr that will be produced at the end of the CA2RE+ project.

This event is a part of the CA²RE+ Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. It is the 6th Intensive Study Programme for Doctoral Candidates within the Strategic Partnership running 2019-2022. The project is developed as a parallel and a trigger to the continuity of the CA2RE Conferences for Artistic and Architectural REsearch.

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