Conferentie: Data for Circularity

24 mei 2022 09:00 t/m 25 mei 2022 17:00 - Locatie: Pulse (Square Hall) & Faculteit Bouwkunde (Berlagezaal) - Door: Communication BK | Zet in mijn agenda

Op 24 en 25 mei organiseert de Faculteit Bouwkunde in samenwerking met Rijkswaterstaat de internationale conferentie 'Data for Circularity'.

Waste statistics play an important role in circular economy monitoring as they provide insights into the remaining linear part of the economy. At present, no nation has a complete selection of the technologies required in order to achieve material circularity. Collaboration between the EU countries is therefore essential to ensure sustainable circular supply chains. A successful reuse of resources is highly dependent on the reliable and transparent flows of information along with the flows of resources themselves. Moreover, the Circular Economy’s positive impact on the environment and society can only be validated with enough supporting data.

Conference themes & programme

  • Data Collection
  • Data Reporting
  • Measuring the Circular Economy.

Visit the conference website for an overview of the programme.


This conference is of particular interest to researchers and professions from government working on the collection or application of waste data.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is needed.  There is a limited number of places available. 
The deadline for registration is 10 April 2022.

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