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06 maart 2017

TU Delft strengthens collaboration with Japan for ocean energy research and development

On February 8, TU Delft signed an agreement with Japan to formalize its collaboration on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and other ocean energy solutions, including tidal, wave and current energy. The signing ceremony was part of a seminar on ocean energy at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo. The seminar, during which Ambassador Aart Jacobi gave a complementary speech and witnessed the signing ceremony, gathered about fifty researchers and industry experts and helped to establish many new contacts.

02 maart 2017

PAN-European consortium secures funding for tidal turbine subsystem development

A European tidal energy consortium, led by Nova Innovation in Scotland, has secured funding from the European Commission to demonstrate and validate an innovative subsystem (direct drive power take-off (PTO) solution) for tidal turbines. The technology, when commercialised, will reduce the lifetime cost of tidal power by 20% and provide long term system reliability. The consortium is to receive grant funding of ā‚¬4.4M under the European Unionā€™s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation.

23 februari 2017

Delft DIMI in advisory group of Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation

The Netherlands, Japan and UN Environment will lead the establishment of a Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation in The Netherlands, supported by the TU Delft.

20 februari 2017

Presentatie Boek Snelweg x Stad

Op 15 februari jl. is het boek 'Snelweg & Stad' gepresenteerd ism BNA in de Berlage zalen bij de TU Delft.

16 februari 2017

EPA studenten en alumni succesvol bij Hackaton for Humanitarian Aid

EPA studenten en alumni succesvol bij Hackaton for Humanitarian Aid

Op 11 en 12 februari 2017 vond de ā€œHackaton for Humanitarian Aidā€ plaats in Amsterdam, die georganiseerd werd door PwC, UNHCR en UNOCH. EPA studenten en alumni namen deel aan de tweedaagse wedstrijd.

10 februari 2017

Wereldwijd potentieel waterkracht: 33% van de totale energiebehoefte

Wereldwijd potentieel waterkracht: 33% van de totale energiebehoefte

Onderzoekers van de TU Delft hebben gedetailleerd de wereldwijde potentie van waterkracht in kaart gebracht. De resultaten zijn gepubliceerd in het wetenschappelijke tijdschrift PLOS One op woensdag 8 februari.

09 februari 2017

Inaugural address Bartel Van de Walle 10 March: ā€œData for Dunantā€

Last year alone, over 200 million people were directly affected by natural or man-made disasters worldwide. According to one of the leading re-assurance companies, total economic losses from natural and man-made disasters in 2016 were estimated to be at least $158 billion. Not surprisingly, researchers, humanitarian organizations and local and global policy makers are trying to harness the power of new data and information technologies to better comprehend the causes and mitigate the consequences of disasters.

30 januari 2017

Local approach to efficient water management in Mozambique

Local approach to efficient water management in Mozambique

TU Delft project assists local stakeholders in developing joint vision for the Zambezi River Millions of people in Mozambique are dependent on the Zambezi River, which rises in Zambia and flows into the Indian Ocean via Mozambique. The many varied and often also conflicting interests make water management of this river a difficult task. This leads to such problems as a shortage of water for irrigation in the dry season, and flooded villages in the wet season. In January 2017, TU Delft and partner organisations started the NICHE project Capacity Building for Integrated Water Resources Management in order to assist the river's stakeholders in developing a joint vision for the river. The project is also aimed at professionalising local knowledge of water management.

21 september 2016

Energie interventies vergroten sociale cohesie en verminderen energieverbruik

Uit EU-project CIVIS, ā€˜Cities as drivers of social changeā€™, blijkt dat energie interventies sociale cohesie kunnen vergroten en zorgen voor minder energieverbruik. CIVIS heeft tot doel om burgers meer bewust te maken van hun energiegebruik, verbruik te verminderen en daarmee CO2 te reduceren.

20 juni 2016

Onderzoeker TBM pitcht circulair model tijdens Industrial Technologies 2016

28 april 2016

Aad CorreljƩ in De Volkskrant over de olieprijs

17 maart 2016

TPM signs Letter of Intent with Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy and Transport (JRC-IET)

29 februari 2016

Q-Park Thesis award for Jurriaan Coomans

28 januari 2016

Aad CorreljƩ in het NOS Journaal over Shell

16 september 2014

TU Delft stijgt opnieuw op QS Rankings