Study abroad

Are you looking to broaden your horizon? Are you interested in studying courses at a different university or completing a project with a company abroad? Or perhaps you would like to write your thesis at another university? There are many opportunities for you to organize a period abroad while you are a student. You can find the options below which are purely intended as a means to orientate. Once you have concrete plans, we would advise you to check out the Brightspace pages. Also discussing your plans with an academic counsellor can assist you in making your plans. 


EEMCS has agreements with universities over the world, most of which in Europe. Alongside the academic challenge of studying at a different university, you might be able to roam the streets of Berlin (with the help of an Erasmus Grant) or start hiking in the woods, just outside Trondheim, Norway. If you study at a partner university for a semester, you remain a student of TU Delft and you pay your tuition fee here. Of course you do need to meet the requirements to be able to go on exchange.

For inspiration and practical advice, check out some of the student experiences under content of the Brightspace page Study Abroad EEMCS. Don’t forget: not only being abroad but also organizing your stay beforehand, requires you to adapt, prepare and be open to opportunities. Also, some partner universities have a different approach and focus than our faculty. This has it’s pros and cons; either way, you can learn a lot of new things! 


Gaining work experience as a student supports your career and also helps you decide what kind of work you would like to do in the future. If your programme permits it, it is possible to organize a domestic internship or one abroad which you can do at a university, company or at a research institute.

For Non-EU students who would like to do an internship in the Netherlands, with the student trainee agreement (known as Nuffic form): the company does not have to apply for a work permit for you. For more information specifically for you as a Bachelor or Master student, check out Internships. If you would like to offer an Internship as a company, there is more information here. 

Projects or Thesis Abroad

Another option is to do a project or (part of) your thesis abroad. Please check your curriculum first to see if a project is a possibility for you. If you are not sure, you can ask your bachelor or master coordinator or academic counsellor for advice.

For your thesis you can travel for two to nine months to a different location. Many students do their literature study at TU Delft and perform the research part abroad for about 4 months and then round up either abroad or at TU Delft. With communication tools such as Skype and Zoom, meetings can be arranged for you to organize this at a distance. For more information on thesis projects, also check out graduation (Msc). 

Joint Education Programmes

There are two master programmes in which it is possible to gain two degrees within one programme while studying at two universities in different countries: the first one is COSSE which stands for Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering. This programme works within the multidisciplinary field of Computer Science & Engineering, a joint initiative of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) and Delft University of Technology.

The second one is EWEM  – European Wind Energy Master: the Technical University of Denmark, Delft University of Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Oldenburg are engaged in wind energy research and work together to create this programme.

Scholarships and Finances

The extra costs of going abroad may discourage you initially but as a student there are many possibilities to financially support your plans. There are opportunities listed online on the Funding & Scholarships page of TU Delft and specifically for EEMCS on our Brightspace page Study Abroad EEMCS.  If you are doing (part of) your thesis or internship within the EU or Norway, you can apply for the Erasmus+ internship grant. For an exchange period there is the Erasmus+ study grant. All EEMCS students can apply for the EEMCS Mobility Fund. The EEMCS Mobility Fund refunds part of your travel costs. Each year, our faculty selects students going to a Non-EU destination for the Holland Scholarship

Preparation and Languages

If you go abroad there are many things to consider and arrange. On our Brightspace page Study Abroad EEMCS and the central TU Delft page you can find much information to guide you. Your faculty International Office can advise you in your individual plan and planning.

One thing we would like to emphasize is that you need to register your stay abroad for your studies in MyTUDelft and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will not only receive a travel insurance through TU Delft, but we will also be able to contact and advise you, in case of emergency (e.g. demonstrations, health or environmental hazards). We advise you to follow one of the travel safety trainings offered through the central page, and read all information carefully on our pages, especially about safety.

Another great way of preparing your stay abroad is to study the language of a country. Even if the language you will mostly use for your study purposes is English, it is great for collaborative and social purposes to know some of the local language. The ITAV= (TU Delft Centre for Languages and Academic Skills) offers language courses such as Spanish and Italian.