Odette Scharenborg Elected

Nieuws - 27 januari 2019 - Communication

Odette Scharenborg was elected onto the IEEE Speech and Language Technology Technical Committee* (IEEE SLTC; period 2019-2021). The SLTC promotes and influences all the technical areas of speech and language processing, and is responsible for the organisation of the technical programme of the speech part of the annual International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), and other IEEE speech-related workshop, such as the ASRU workshop (Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding), the SLT Workshop (Spoken Language Technologies), and Odyssey (Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop).  
Odette will be responsible for the area of Speech Production and Perception.

More information on: https://signalprocessingsociety.org/get-involved/speech-and-language-processing