Communicating Complexity

Understanding Port-City Regions

Ports—large industrial complexes, urban territories and their neighbouring regions—share physical spaces, natural ecosystems, and social connections. To address climate change, the energy transition, changing technologies and the transformation of work conditions and economies, port-city regions need new regional collaboration and spatial reconceptualization.

Interviews with local professionals from port authorities, municipalities, other institutions and citizens— demonstrate a lack of knowledge of each other’s needs and interests and a lack of shared values for future development. To help diverse stakeholders, including citizens of all ages and backgrounds understand complex port-city regions and envision future spaces and forms of living together, this project investigates current challenges faced by port-city regions and produces an informative artistic film, which makes the findings accessible to a diverse public. The project posits that we need novel creative approaches to engage large non-professional audiences in the ongoing transitions. It therefore brings together the Lot and Julia, Paolo De Martino and Carola Hein from TU Delft, who is developing a “Port City Futures” research agenda with the LDE Center PortCityFutures ( Together they have made an engaging artistic film on port city resilience and evolving port-city region relationships.


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