This project focuses on researching, developing and testing in practice a passive climate control system  in  a  multi-faceted,  experimental  environment,  based  on  the  smart  integration of subsystems.

In  this  system,  a  climate  tower  is  combined  with  intelligent sun protection techniques, phase change materials for the required heat buffering and storage, and adaptive and predictive measurement and control technology.In   this   way,   various   functionalities   are   combined   in   multifunctional   components   and subsystems:  integration  of  passive  cooling  /  heating  and  ventilation,  heat  storage  through integrated  thermally  active  materials,  regulation  of  sun  entry  through  advanced  controlled flexible sun protection.The energy demand is greatly reduced by heat buffering and the use of natural airflow, so that little  or  no  equipment  is  needed  for  climate  control.  The  project  uses  an  integral  view  of circularity  and  embodied  energy  of  used  materials,  processes  and  techniques.  In  addition, specific  attention  is  paid  to  digitization and  industrialization  of  the  design  and  construction process in order to increase market opportunities later.


Funder: RVO
Programme: TKI Urban Energy 
Overall budget: €
Grant amount: € 543.000
Contribution to TU Delft: β‚¬ 347.700
Grant number:   
Role TU Delft:  Lead partner
Project duration: March 2019 - December 2022
TU Delft researchers:                 Dr. Regina Bokel
Dr. Peter van den Engel
Dr. Eleonora Brembilla 
Dr. Luigi de Araujo Passos Peter Luscuere

Project partners

Stichting Green Village, Van Dorp-OrangeClimate, Hunter Douglas, Priva


Regina Bokel