Comparitive Housing research Expertise Centre

Delft - Comparative Housing research Expertise Centre

Housing is of key importance for societies. It drives the economy; is a key for social inclusion and a key issue for urban and regional development in growing as well as declining areas. The global financial crisis had a huge impact on housing markets and with that on the economy, social inclusion and urban and regional development. Housing systems are substantially changing. System actors are looking for new housing solutions. The Delft-CHEC aims to support this change by developing and exchanging knowledge.

Delft-CHEC has more than 20 years of experience in international comparative housing research. In this period Delft-CHEC developed a research team with a mix of very experienced and also new researchers, We have a huge network and we have published many articles, reports and books. Moreover, Delft-CHEC regularly organizes meetings in order to exchange knowledge.