Course evaluations

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment controls thoroughly the quality of the offered education. This is done by means of evaluations. Both students and tutors are involved with these evaluations. Tutors conduct evaluations themselves and the department of Quality Assurance conduct evaluations, sometimes with a bit different focus. Quality Assurance is evaluating at random the parts of the complete education programme.

  • Evaluations that are conducted by Quality Assurance are done the following way:
    As a student you can give your opinion about the quality of education during a student panel or by filling in a survey. Surveys are sent digitally to your TU Delft mail address. Invitations for panel discussions are also sent to your mail address.
    Results of evaluations are passed on to the coordinating tutor of the concerned education. The tutor writes a reflection on the student evaluation and the provided education and gives a direction for improvement. Both visions, students and tutors, are published on the internet site of Quality Assurance.
    The results of the evaluations are discussed in the various management teams for education. With the results improvements and renewals are carried out.
    A large advantage of the evaluations for you as a student is that you can read what fellow students think of the education that you are about to follow.