Deliverables in case of the Graduation Project of 33 ec (course code ID4196, ID4297, or ID4396)

Mandatory graduation deliverables/uploads

  • The complete thesis/graduation report in PDF format.
  • If any, indissoluble annexes to the graduation report in PDF format.
  • At least 2 representative images from the graduation report. The images you submit are intended for publication by the IDE Faculty in bulletins or brochures. Please ensure that the images you provide are of a high quality.
    The following guidelines apply to the images: minimum dimensions 1240 x 860 pixels, RGB or CMYK, preferably in TIFF or JPEG format.
  • A digital poster A1-size. If required, the IDE Faculty will use this digital poster as a basis for producing a physical poster for the purposes of an exhibition.
    The prescribed format is a PDF file, maximum size 10 MB, with a minimum resolution of 200 dpi and using the TU Delft company style. Use the prescribed 'Poster Presentation Guidelines', the poster template and the house style footers: portrait or landscape.

Other graduation deliverables/uploads

  • It is possible to upload a maximum of 10 files to the Delft Repository.

Take notice: Always use the following format for naming your uploads: Type-of-upload_Student-name_1234567.pdf or .jpeg (1234567 being the student number).

Deliverables in case of the Graduation Project of 30 ec (course code ID4x90-16)

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