Graduation Community Programme

Graduation Community Programme

The road of the graduation project can be bumpier that you would like it to be. The graduation project can be full of hurdles like

  • How to develop your skill as a project manager
  • Having doubts about your project
  • Having doubts about what comes after graduation
  • Feeling stuck or demotivated
  • Having to deal with unforeseen setbacks in your project or private life.

As bumpy as the road to graduation can get, it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. You can join the Graduation Community Programme of IDE where you meet up with peers to travel the road together.


What is the Graduation Community Programme?

The GCP consists of two parts aimed at helping graduate students during their graduation period.

1) Journey Sessions. These are workshops with topics that are interesting for graduation students. For instance, exploring your strengths as a designer, finding your role in your supervisory team, or thinking about future career plans.

2) Peer groups. You will be assigned to a group with other graduation students. Each group agrees on the frequency to meet each other and discuss their graduation projects, help each other with questions, or brainstorm together.

3) Graduation Studio. Are you in need for an inspiring brainstorm session, do you want to share some feedback with other students, do you have a request for a new journey session, or would you just like to have a relaxing cup of coffee with your peers? Every week, the graduation studio opens its doors for all graduation students, and also for students who will start their project soon. You can exchange experiences, connect and help each other. 
Graduation Studio starts on May 12th and continues on every Friday 12:45 in Studio 8.


Where do I sign up?

Do you want to sign up for the Graduation Community Programme? Sign up here.

Twice a year, there will be a kick-off for a new batch of graduation students, and community groups will be formed. After signing the form, you will be invited to the workshops that are going to be organised.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at