Final attainment level of the IDE Masters

The TER (Teaching and Examamination Regulations) gives you the final attainment levels in Article 4. 

IDE Research topics

An overview of going research projects at the faculty of IDE:

Personal profiles of IDE staff

Learn more about the areas of interest and topics of research of the IDE staff. 

Thesis reports

To get inspired, consult the TU Delft Education Repository to find projects that have been executed before. This is an online database where you will find all graduation reports from September 2009 on.

For access to reports of projects that were executed before September 2009, apply to IDE’s Coordinator of Education:

Career Centre

TU Delft Career Centre, for information and support to prepare for life after study, career development, and more.

IDE Alumni

We maintain active contact with our alumni of which also you will become one after your  graduation. Via this link you will have access to the alumni portal and find some stories of our alumni to get inspired.