Individual Double Degree

TU Delft offers Master’s students the opportunity to compile an individual Double Master's Degree programme (IDD).

What are the conditions for an IDD?

• An IDD comprises a minimum of 180 ECTS. If Technical Medicine is one of the two Master programmes, the IDD comprises of at least 240 ECTS.

• Each individual exam program must consist of a minimum of 120 ECTS.

• The student must include at least 60 unique ECTS from both master's programmes in his program. For Technical Medicine, the unique number of ECTS is at least 120.

• The graduation work can be a combination of both programmes, for which the student has to make two separate graduation (sub) reports or theses.

• If there is a difference in tuition fees, the student pays the highest rate.

How to apply
If you want to follow an IDD, you must submit a request to the coordinating Board of Examiners between 2 months prior to the start of the master and no later than 6 months before the completion of the study program. The coordinating Board of Examiners is the Board of Examiners of the Master program where you started. If you started the second Master's degree program at the same time, the coordinating Board of Examiners is the faculty where you completed your Bachelor’s degree (in case the bachelor's degree was completed at TU Delft). The request is submitted to the second Board of Examiners after approval by the coordinating Board of Examiners.

The request consists of:

• The Individual Double Degree application form

• A letter of motivation in which you explain why you want to do the IDD and demonstrate the joint character of the programmes.

The Board of Examiners assesses the program proposed by the student for their own study program. The IDD application is approved if both the relevant Board of Examiners agree with the program proposed for their study program.

The coordinating Board of Examiners informs you of the outcome of your application. You must then ensure that you are enrolled in both master’s programmes that you are following. Approval of the IDD does not mean that the student is also admissible to the study programs. The admission conditions to the study program apply in full.


Submit a change
You can report a change to an IDD that has already been approved using the change form. Changes must be made at least 2 months before the completion of the IDD.