The Board of Examiners deals with individual requests from students concerning the curriculum and issues rulings on these. Examples of such requests include:

  • wanting to take a non-standard programme (self-composed minor, double degree),
  • admission to or exemption from a certain course,
  • being granted permission for an individual resit.

Students can submit individual requests via the secretary of the Board of Examiners. Please state your name and student number.

If you are considering lodging a complaint or objection, you should first contact one of the academic counsellors. The academic counsellor will advise you on how to formulate your request and inform you about the correct procedures.

Request/Change request Master Double Degree

  • If you want to follow a master double degree, you must submit a request to the coordinating examination committee between 2 months prior to the start of the master and no later than 6 months before the completion of the study program. More information about applying for or changing a master double degree application can be found here.