Ensuring quality of examinations

In order to ensure the quality of tests and examinations, the Board of Examiners evaluates the courses once every three years.


The Board of Examiners has drawn up a procedure in which it explains step-by-step how the quality of examinations is assessed. Besides this, a format has been created for an examination matrix and for the feedback from the Board of Examiners.

  • Why do we need to do this? Ensuring and improving the quality of examination of all courses within the Bachelor's and Master's curricula is in line with the Improved Governance (Higher Education) Act and accreditation standards.
  • How? Assessment by the Board of Examiners, including feedback, is given on the basis of the learning objectives, examination material and examination matrix provided by the course coordinators and with the use of a standardised assessment form.
  • What? Assessment of the examination quality of a course as part of a systematic assessment cycle of all IDE courses in a three-year period.